From humble beginnings back in the late 80’s and a one man office in Giblett Street, Yield Accounting Group has a long association in the local area. Founding partner Ray Sullivan, established Hampton Partners in 1990 and over the next three decades took this practice from one man to a three partner firm employing 12 staff in 2 offices.

While Hampton Partners has served the community well over many years, Yield Accounting Group has been established by Derek Brown, Steve MacDonald and Lee­Anne Pardini and plans to take over where Hampton Partners left off particularly our commitment to encourage and employ local staff.

Yield Accounting Group continues to offer the same services as Hampton Partners, with a stronger technological focus. With the assistance of cloud accounting, and particularly Xero, Yield offers a unique service model to their existing and new clients, while always keeping in the back of our mind “how we can make life easier for our clients”.

Our focus is moving away from that of the traditional role of an accountant who clients only met with once a year at tax time. Our core values are now centred around being forward thinking, innovative, considerate, great communicators with a genuine interest in each other and our clients.

Our vision for the future is to operate a paperless office and with the use of cloud based applications become the Chief Financial Officer of our clients’ business. As Yield organises the bookkeeping and accounting affairs, we allow clients more time to focus on the day to day running of their business, while working with them to establish their goals and how they can achieve them.

Yield Accounting Group are much more than accountants and are here to offer a complete solution that will get you organised and spending more time on the things that matter.