Receipt Bank + Xero

Are you tired of losing & misplacing your receipts during the year or sick of maintaining bulky paper receipt files? Well Receipt Bank might be for you !

Receipt Bank is the easiest and fastest way for you to store electronic copies of your receipts for safe keeping and to make them available to us to assist in the preparation of your quarterly BAS or annual tax return. Receipt Bank allows you, to take photos of your receipts using your phone that automatically upload to a personalised Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank integrates beautifully with Xero allowing for the electronic copies of your receipts to be attached to bank transactions in Xero for easy access in the future. You can then throw away your paper receipt as it is no longer required. Can you feel the stress levels starting to fall ?

With the task of maintaining receipts files out of the way, you can spend more time growing your business or doing things that really matter. Work smarter. Grow faster.

If Receipt Bank sounds interesting and you would like to find out more – feel free to call our Manjimup Office on 9777 1909 or our Pemberton Office on 9776 1909, and our Receipt Bank specialists will be able to assist you more.

Yield Accounting Group, we love making life easier for our clients !