Making life easier for our customers is at the heart of good client service, and one way to make things a whole lot easier for customers is to encourage them to pay via Direct Debit.

At Yield we use the GoCardless app to help make our clients lives easier with the periodic payment of invoices for accounting services subject to a Fixed Price Agreement.

We also recommend that our business clients utilise the GoCardless app to collect payment for services rendered by due dates in a cost effective manner, to reduce the administration time associated with the collection of customer payments and to make their client lives easier. GoCardless integrates beautifully with Xero automatically matching customer payments to invoices issued.

GoCardless is easy to setup with customers completing a simple Direct Debit form that provides GoCardless¬† with authorisation to collect payments from them. Your customer’s payments are fully safe and secure. GoCardless charges 1% per transaction with a minimum of 35 cents and a cap of $3.50 per transaction. There are no setup costs or monthly fees.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to reduce your bill payment administration time by setting up a GoCardless direct debit for your future accounting service fees or if you would like assistance with implementing this service in your business.